Amon Move

About Us

We've been happily providing removal services for the past three years. We can proudly say all of our customers have given us great feedback, and we truly enjoy fostering great relationships.

Our company’s history

After a number of years serving the construction and paving industry, we noticed a growing amount of clients who needed removal services, but were haunted by bad experienced in the past. We wanted to change that. We wanted to create a removal service which would treat your possessions like their own. From there, Amon Move was born.

Our past movers had broken a lot of our items. Amon Move worked with such care, highly trusted and recommended

Care and respect for your items is a given. What makes us special is the speed and adaptability we offer on top.

Why choose us?

  • We boast a smart, trained and polite team of movers.
  • We take pride in our employees, hence why they take such pride in moving your possessions.
  • We are experienced movers, so we know how to work swiftly and safely.
  • We get a lot of moves in London, so we are well equipped for the challenges of city moves.

We are fostering relationships with real estate agencies and construction companies, if you are from the like, please don't hesitate to reach out.

years in the construction
and removals industry
homes and offices moved
thousand Sq. Ft. moved
support and removal services
Amon Move

Basic values of our company are honesty, efficiency and openness

We will treat your possessions with care and respect.